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Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy techniques available are:

  • Simple mastectomy – An elliptical incision is made across the breast, removing the nipple areolar complex with the surrounding skin. The incision is closed with a straight scar running across the breast.
  • Skin sparing mastectomy – A circular incision is made around the areola. The breast tissue is removed through this incision. The circular incision is closed as a purse string, usually leaving a small puckered scar.
  • Areolar preserving incision – The nipple is excised together with the breast tissue through a horizontal incision through the areola. The areolar skin is later used to reconstruct the nipple.
  • Subcutaneous mastectomy – An incision is made at the inferior edge of the areola or in the breast fold. The breast tissue is excised, leaving the nipple areolar complex intact. Tissue is usually removed from the base of the nipple and checked with frozen section prior to closure.

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