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We have additional resources to help you in your journey toward face and body rejuvenation. An explanation of Dr. Becker’s qualifications and exceptional experience and knowledge of the full range of plastic surgery procedures will put your mind at ease, and common questions regarding each procedure as well as financial resources are available to alleviate your concerns. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art clinic to find out more.


After decades performing plastic surgery, Dr. Becker has developed a unique perspective and pioneered several procedures. Here you’ll find listings of Dr. Becker’s lectures, past and present. At times a description of the lecture is also provided to explain the topics covered in the lecture. As a leader in advanced plastic surgery techniques, Dr. Becker is often called upon to lecture both nationally and internationally.



Dr. Becker’s experience and vast knowledge have been a resource for many professional plastic surgery publications. He has authored numerous articles, excerpts, chapters, and books throughout his career, and a listing of these publications is available here.



Some people assume that cosmetic procedures are expensive, but are surprised to find out how reasonable treatments can be. Our goal is to offer affordable, high-value services to our clientele that take into consideration the expertise, time, and materials invested by our knowledgeable staff. Read more about what types of payment we accept, and the financing options available to you.



As part of our continued efforts to make cosmetic enhancements more accessible and affordable to everyone, we may offer promotional pricing or other specials on certain products and procedures. Use the opportunity to try out something new, or apply the promotion to your go-to treatment.



Dr. Becker has answered many commonly-asked questions regarding various plastic surgeries as well as non-invasive treatments. With over 35 years in practice, Dr. Becker has a wealth of knowledge. If you have any questions or are wondering what procedure is right for you, you may find the answer in our answers to frequently asked questions.


Choosing A Surgeon

Choosing your plastic surgeon is an extremely personal – and very important – decision. We are committed to helping you come to an informed decision. Qualifications, certifications, licensure, and memberships are all important, and Dr. Becker has listed these for your benefit. We hope this will help you make a confident and informed choice about any surgical or non-surgical treatment.



Our blog covers many issues surrounding cosmetic procedures to help you be fully informed. We often describe details of each procedure that we offer. We value honesty and integrity, and work to keep our patients fully informed and educated. Read our blog for more information about the surgical procedure you are considering.


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