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Hereditary and environmental factors can lead to many changes in the body throughout a lifetime. If you experience physical changes that have left you with lowered self-esteem, have distracting cosmetic issues, or struggle with the pain and discomfort of overlarge breasts or excess body fat, Dr. Hilton Becker, plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida offer many options to help you achieve the figure you want.

Tummy Tuck  

Weight loss, childbirth, and the hormonal changes of aging can lead to excess fat, loose skin on your tummy area, and a protruding abdomen. This condition makes clothing uncomfortable, and restricts the styles you can wear with confidence. A tummy tuck reduces the amount of skin and tissue around your stomach to create a flatter, smoother look that looks youthful and firm.



Liposuction is the removal of unwanted fat using a minimally-invasive suction device. The device is used to remove fat cells. The procedure can be performed virtually anywhere you have stubborn fat. Dr. Becker has developed several liposuction cannulas, including the Becker Cannula. This cannula is used by surgeons all around the world. Dr. Becker uses the most advanced liposuction techniques for body sculpting with a faster recovery time.


Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover typically combines three procedures to resolve most common post-baby body woes in one surgery session. It usually involves liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a breast lift to help your body get back to its svelte pre-pregnancy shape.


Arm Lift

The skin on your arms can droop or sag with age, resulting in stubborn excess skin that is resistant to diet and exercise. You can be confident enough to wear sleeveless tops and beachwear after an arm lift from our highly-skilled Boca Raton plastic surgeon. An arm lift removes excess skin and fat on the upper arms, resulting in smooth and attractive arms that look youthful and firm once again.


Buttock Augmentation  

A buttock augmentation is the perfect way to get a full, shapely backside with a minimally invasive procedure. Fat can be harvested from another area of the body, and injected into your buttocks to create the shape and size you desire. Fat grafts provide a natural look and feel and do involve surgery as is necessary with implants. Only your own fat is used in this procedure.



Stretched or elongated inner labia can make a woman uncomfortable when wearing certain clothing or while physically active, or during sexual activity. The labia can be re-sculpted in a labiaplasty procedure. This surgery removes and reshapes the vaginal lips to reduce discomfort and create a more youthful appearance to your most intimate area.


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