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Breast implant removal in Boca Raton is a procedure to remove an implant which may be intact, ruptured, calcified displaced or causing other problems. The capsule is removed when necessary, In certain cases the implant is removed with the capsule, known as en- bloc removal.

Since their creation nearly six decades ago, breast implants have advanced significantly in both safety and style. Breast augmentation is today the most widely sought-after and commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the world. Despite their long lifespan and obvious popularity, many women choose to have their implants removed, or run into situations where they need to be removed.

For women who are unhappy with their breast implants — whether it’s the size, shape, or symmetry — and wish to have them removed, the implants can be replaced with a fat transfer from other areas of the body.

As we talk to women about breast surgery, we identify which concerns they have and what their aesthetic goals are. We work with them to achieve their ideal breast shape, size, and appearance.

Reasons for breast implant removal include:

  1. The patient no longer desires to have the implants for aesthetic reasons
  2. The patient has experienced implant complications, such as asymmetry, discomfort, animation deformity, capsular contracture, or rupture
  3. The patient desires to undergo breast augmentation with fat transfer rather than implants

When breast implants are removed, there is usually significant contour irregularity, depression and sagging of the breasts. There are various techniques and procedures that Boca Raton plastic surgeon, Dr. Becker, has perfected and performs in his Boca Raton breast implant removal procedure to increase the size of the remaining breast utilizing the patients own tissue.

Breast Implant Removal with Breast Lift and Fat Transfer

Dr. Becker's method of breast implant removal helps to restore volume and shape your breasts following implant removal. His technique includes:

  1. Advancement of the lateral breast tissue (which is below the arm pit) into the breast.
  2. Elevating the remaining breast tissue to enhance the volume centrally and in the upper portion of the breast. The elevation can be augmented with the addition of synthetic absorbable mesh which acts as an internal bra. The mesh is absorbed after a few months.
  3. Fat grafting together with PRF performed at the time of implant removal.
  4. Post-operative external volume expansion

Breast implant removal and corrective procedures are performed under twilight or general anesthesia. Local anesthetic is injected into the breast which offers significant pain reduction, reducing the need for opioid medications.

Once the implants are removed, Dr. Becker will assess the remaining breast tissue and utilize it to improve the shape to restore the natural fullness to the breast.

For patients with saline implants who wish to remove them, Dr Becker can initially remove the saline with needle aspiration. This gives the patient the opportunity to see the size of the remaining tissue. The patient can then decide as to what procedure they wish to have.

1a Patient with previously placed saline implants

2a Saline removed by needle aspiration

3a Following breast implant removal and internal lift

1b Patient with previously placed saline implants

2b Saline removed from implants

3b Following breast implant and removal with replacement of small silicone gel implants and vertical lift

To enhance breast volume, Dr. Becker advances the lateral tissue beneath the axillary fold, which many patients find unsightly and wish to have liposuctioned. This tissue is advanced into the breast pocket to increase the breast volume and help lift the breast into a more natural position.

For further volume restoration, we have been using an absorbable mesh scaffold that is coated with the patient’s own fat harvested from their own tissues. Platelet rich plasma is obtained from their blood and added to the fat resulting in a biological membrane Th Membrane that is shaped and placed in the pocket from which the breast implant was removed (bio-mesh). The tissues surrounding the mesh grow into the scaffold.

Further fat can then be injected at a later date. Often sufficient tissue can be generated to enable us to do away with breast implants for breast augmentation and reconstruction.

Absorbable mesh

Mesh impregnated with fat and platelet-rich plasma (bio-mesh), Dr. Becker is a pioneer in the development of Bio mesh

Patient following breast augmentation with fat grafting

An Authority in Breast Implant Removal

Dr. Becker is an authority on breast implants. He performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. He is therefore highly proficient in the treatment of breast implant complications and easily performs some of the best results in breast implant removal Florida has to offer.

He has published numerous articles on breast implants and lectures both nationally and internationally on breast surgery.

Dr. Becker is also a recognized authority on fat grafting. He has developed a specialized cannula which is used in his fat grafting procedures.

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