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Our breast implant removal in Boca Raton is a procedure to remove an implant which may be intact, ruptured, calcified displaced or causing other problems. The capsule is removed when necessary In certain cases the implant is rermoved with the capsule ,known as en bloc removal.

The reason for breast implant removal include:

  1. Patients who have had the implants for a long time, are now of older age and merely wish to have the implants removed.
  2. Patients who have had various problems relating to the implants themselves such as asymmetry, capsular contracture and ruptured implants.
  3. Patients who wish to remove their implants and replace them with fat grafting.

When breast implants are removed, there is usually significant contour irregularity, depression and sagging of the breasts. There are various techniques and procedures that Boca Raton plastic surgeon, Dr. Becker, has perfected and performs including internal breast lifting, with sutures or temporary mesh, virtually scarless breast lifting (sub-areolar mastopexy) with an incision around the areola, and fat grafting to increase volume and enhance shape

Breast implant removal and corrective procedures are performed under twilight anesthesia. Local anesthetic is injected into the breast which offers significant pain reduction, reducing the need for opioid medications.

Once the implants are removed, Dr. Becker will assess the remaining breast tissue and utilize it to improve the shape to restore the natural fullness to the breast.

To enhance breast volume, Dr. Becker advances the lateral tissue beneath the axillary fold, which many patients find unsightly and wish to have lipo-suctioned. This tissue is advanced into the breast pocket to increase the breast volume and help lift the breast into a more natural position.

Dr. Becker is an authority on breast implants. He performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery after mastectomy. He is therefore highly proficient in the treatment of breast implant complications and easily performs some of the best results in breast implant removal Florida has to offer.

He has published numerous articles on breast implants and lectures both nationally and internationally on breast surgery.

Dr. Becker is also a recognized authority on fat grafting. He has developed a specialized cannula which is used in his fat grafting procedures. Dr. Becker will be lecturing on his technique at the International Society of Plastic Surgery in Miami in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have visible scars after the procedure?

Breast reconstruction is the procedure performed following mastectomy for breast cancer to restore the breasts.

Breast implants can be removed usually through the original incision. It is not recommended that implants be removed through the transaxillary incision as this is a more difficult procedure. If it is necessary to do a breast lift following the breast implant removal, there will be a visible scar from the breast lift procedure. There is very minimal scarring from fat grafting, as it is just a needle puncture.

Are there any risks to having breast implants removed?

Complications can arise with any surgical procedure. Breast implant removal can consist of the removal of the implant only or removal of the complete capsule with the implant (enbloc).

Removing the capsule, particularly if the capsule is under the muscle, does have an increased risk of bleeding and it may not be possible to totally remove the capsule when the implant is under the muscle as the capsule may be adherent to the underlying ribcage.

There is a risk of deformity following implant removal and although there are procedures to correct this to a certain degree, there are still risks of dissatisfaction with the breast size and shape.

Does breast implant removal affect breastfeeding?

The removal should not have any effect on breastfeeding unless an extensive capsulectomy is performed where breast tissue is damaged during the procedure.

Why to choose Dr. Becker?

Breast implant removal may be a complicated procedure that involves reconstructive procedures to be performed following the implant removal. Dr. Becker specializes in breast reconstruction and cosmetic breast surgery.

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