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A woman’s breasts are often an important aspect in her feelings of femininity. Having breasts that are too small, too large, or asymmetrical can lower self-confidence and make clothing difficult to fit. Dr. Hilton Becker offers a variety of breast enhancement procedures to elevate self-esteem, alleviate pain, or balance body shape. Our surgical team focuses on creating a treatment plan that will produce the look you envision for yourself.

Breast Augmentation  

A breast augmentation is a procedure geared to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. There are many different types of breast implants available today, but Dr. Becker has preferred silicone gel implants for 25 years and has extensive experience in advanced surgical procedures. He the premier plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, and will help you determine the most effective implants and procedure to create lovely breasts that look and feel natural.


Becker Adjustable Implant

Dr. Becker developed the adjustable breast implant in 1985 as a way for women to have the option to change the size of their breasts without undergoing additional surgery. Saline solution can be added or removed from the implant to achieve the ideal size and projection. The alteration in size is performed by adding saline through a port, and is one of the safest and easiest ways to adjust implant size.


Breast Augmentation Cost

There are many details that factor into the price of your breast augmentation procedure. You should not choose your surgeon based solely on the price, and you should consider their qualifications and experience. Read more about misconceptions regarding the cost of a breast augmentation procedure, and the factors that contribute to cost.


Correction of Breast Implant Complications

Dr. Hilton Becker is a recognized authority on breast implants. He has developed several adjustable breast implants and published numerous articles and book chapters on breast implant complications and how to treat them correctly. Significant advances have been made in the area of breast implant surgery in recent years. Nevertheless, complications can arise. As a general surgeon and board-certified plastic surgeon and a pioneer in breast surgery and reconstruction, Dr. Hilton Becker treats breast implant complications with a superior level of surgical skill and personal patient care.


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

This type of breast augmentation does not require the placement of an implant, and instead uses fat that is harvested from another area of the body. A fat transfer breast augmentation has many benefits, including a very natural look and feel, and the reduction of unwanted fat located on another area of the body.


Breast Lift  

Childbirth, weight fluctuations, age, genetics, and other factors can lead to sagging of the breasts. If your breasts have lost a perky, youthful position, a breast lift in Boca Raton can restore your body appearance. The breast lift without scars forged by Dr. Becker uses an internal surgical mesh to lift and support the breasts, so they sit higher on the chest. At times a breast lift can be an alternative to implants when you just want to improve the positioning of your breasts without enlargement.


Breast Lift with Augmentation  

A breast lift and augmentation can be combined if your breasts sag, and you would like them to be a larger size. The lift will elevate your breasts, and implants will increase size and projection. Combining these procedures into one surgery session leads to a shorter recovery time overall, and produces a more youthful, attractive breast appearance.


Breast Revision

If you’ve had a breast augmentation in the past, there are a few reasons why you may not have achieved the results you wanted. Misshapen or asymmetrical breasts can be caused by capsular contracture, a ruptured implant, or other failures. Breast revision surgery can alter the results of your previous procedure for medical or aesthetic reasons and restore a pleasing, rounded, plump breast appearance.


Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer or trauma can result in the removal of one or both breasts. A breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy can restore symmetry and balance to your features by first expanding the remaining skin and then inserting implants. Dr. Becker is a pioneer in breast reconstruction, and can help you avoid multiple surgeries by placing the implant at the time of the mastectomy, expanding the skin so the reconstructed breast is not painful, and then filling the implant. We urge you to find out more about your options before making a decision.



Gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to develop excess fat and skin in their breast area as a result of genetics, obesity, certain medications, or a hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia surgery can reduce excess skin and fat in the area to restore a flatter, more masculine chest.


Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large can cause pain, leave you with bra strap indentations on your shoulders, and make clothing difficult to fit. When the size of your breasts negatively impacts your quality of life, you may benefit from a breast reduction procedure. Our Boca Raton surgeon can remove excess fat, tissue, and skin while still maintaining a proportional and attractive breast size that is balanced, beautiful, and flatters your figure.


Breast Reconstruction with Fat Grafting

With recent advancements in fat grafting techniques and application, it is now possible to reconstruct a breast following a mastectomy with your own fat tissue. Fat grafting, similar to liposuction, is performed by harvesting fat from the body, including the abdomen, flanks, or thighs thus resulting in improved contour to the body.


Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 Virtual Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety. In alignment with local and federal guidelines we have suspended all elective surgical services are temporarily suspending operations. We will continue to see post-operative patients for their follow up visits and any patients with medical emergencies. We have a Registered Nurse available to answer any questions.

We are pleased to offer virtual consultations and this has provided the opportunity to make them as streamlined and easy as possible for you. Our office is open as usual for any email, telephone, or video inquiries. Schedule a virtual consultation today to explore your options and receive expert recommendations from our board-certified world-recognized plastic surgeon, Dr Hilton Becker.

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