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Your face is one of the first areas of the body to show your age, and is also the first thing others will notice about you. Dr. Becker is one of the top surgeons in Boca Raton, Florida, and he can help you look and feel younger with an array of procedures for facial rejuvenation.


Advancements in facelift procedures have led to different types adjustments that look natural without a “pulled,” unnatural appearance. Modern surgical techniques adjust the deep tissues vertically, so they settle into a natural position, smoothing wrinkles and returning your face to a natural, more youthful look. This procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, lines, creases, sagging cheeks, and unsightly jowls.


Neck Lift

An aging neck can result in relaxed, loose skin and fatty deposits. However, a neck lift can tighten the skin on the neck and reduce fatty tissue to restore a defined look to your neck and jawline. A neck lift can make you look both younger and thinner.



Commonly referred to as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty can alter the shape of your nose to create balance in your facial features. If your nose has an abnormal tip, bumps or depressions along the bridge, or any other irregularities, you are likely a candidate for rhinoplasty. The goal is to achieve a symmetrical, natural-looking nose that enhances your other facial features, and brings out your natural beauty.


Brow Lift

Drooping eyelids and forehead creases and lines can show your age, and leave you looking perpetually tired. A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, can reduce the number of wrinkles on your forehead and in between the brows, in addition to raising the eyebrows for a more youthful, alert, and pleasing facial appearance.


Eyelid Surgery

Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can improve functional or aesthetic problems associated with drooping eyelids. It can be performed on the upper lid to reduce excess skin and fat that can impair your vision, or on the lower eyelid to smooth fine lines or hollowed tear troughs beneath the eyes.


Fat Transfer

Over time your skin can lose elasticity and you can lose fat volume in your face, leading to sunken cheeks or other unflattering conditions that can make you look older. Fat transfers are performed by harvesting your own fat from another area of your body, and can smooth out wrinkles, lines and creases, or restore volume in cheeks or temples to restore a more youthful appearance without implants or incisions.


Upper Lip Lift

A common, but often overlooked, sign of aging is the stretching and drooping of the upper lip. An upper lip lift reduces the amount of skin between the lip and the nose, lifting the lip and giving it a fuller, plumper look that appears both youthful and natural.


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