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Mastopexy Augmentation (Breast Lift with Augmentation using silicone gel or adjustable saline implants)

The most common breast problem seen after a woman has had one or more children is sagging of the breasts, combined with a loss of volume. This condition is best treated by combining our breast lift in Boca Raton procedure with a breast implant. However, by combing the two procedures, the risk of complications are increased since the breast lift procedure results in tightening of the breast skin, while the implant enlarges the breast, resulting in increased tension on the scar. It is for this reason that the sub-areola technique and the adjustable implant is beneficial during our breast augmentation with lift in Florida procedure.

Subfascial augmentation with scarless breast lift

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Dr. Hilton Becker uses the adjustable implant, known as the Mentor-Becker implant, which he developed and pioneered in 1984. Use of this implant, either saline or a combination of gel-saline, reduces the risk of scarring and complications associated with the mastopexy augmentation procedure.

A minimal amount of saline is placed in the implant at the time of the surgery. Saline is added slowly over a period of 5-10 days to allow for healing of the incision. When swelling has subsided and the implants are filled to the desired volume, the fill tubes and injection domes are then removed. The implant seals itself with a self-sealing valve.

If a vertical scar is warranted, due to excessive ptosis (sagging), use of the adjustable implants greatly improves the shape and symmetry of the breast, while reducing the amount of scarring.

The new Silicone Cohesive Gel (MemoryGel –Gummy Bear) implants have been used with excellent results in combination with a sub areola mastopexy procedure.

Dr. Becker has lectured and performed live surgery at several national and international plastic surgery meetings on these techniques. He has written two chapters in plastic surgery text books and has published three articles on this topic, including:

  1. in textbook titled, “Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast” Dr. Becker contributed Chapter 35: Adjustable Breast Implants for Asymmetry and Ptosis. .
  2. Becker, H.: Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 26(4);736-740, Augmentation Mastopexy using Adjustable Implants with External Injection Domes November 2006 .
  3. The Adjustable Breast Implant – Plastic Surgery Journal 1992

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