Did you know that breast augmentation surgery can be performed by any surgeon, regardless of specialty, skill or training?

As a patient, you must take the initiative to verify and acknowledge that your plastic surgeon has the appropriate skills, medical training, experience, board certification and credentials directly related to this type surgery. Plastic surgeons also trained in breast reconstructive surgery have the ability to apply reconstructive surgical techniques to difficult or atypical cosmetic procedures that might involve revisions and correction of complications.

Although low cost Breast Augmentation surgery may be enticing, finding a ”cheap” quote should not be your primary determining factor in choosing your surgeon. The decision to undergo surgery is a major one and when it comes to your health and well-being, you should not be cutting corners. There is truth to the saying, “you get what you pay for.”

Choosing a plastic surgeon based on price rather than credentials can leave you with unsatisfactory results and additional surgeries to correct problems can be very costly.

There is also a misconception that highly qualified surgeons charge exorbitant fees. You should not choose a qualified surgeon based on high fees any more than you should choose one based on low fees. The most important factors should be education, experience, certification and your ability to feel comfortable with your surgeon.

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Frequently, advertised prices are only a fraction of the cost you will be required to pay. They may include the surgeon’s fee, for example, but omit the costs of anesthesia, surgical facility, or even the breast implants. A qualified surgeon will offer you warranties on replacement implants and any revisionary surgery should any unexpected complications occur. Be suspicious of any prices that seem too good to be true and be sure to read the fine print!

The cost of Breast Augmentation varies widely depending on factors such as:

  • The surgeon’s skill
  • Condition of the breasts
  • Implant type
  • Implant position
  • Implant placement
  • Type of anesthesia, etc.

After your consultation, your fee quote will include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Implants
  • First Garment
  • Facility
  • Manufacturers warranty on the implants

Our facility is licensed and fully accredited.

Not included are pre-operative medical testing, mammograms, and post-operative prescriptions. Usually these costs are covered by your health plan. Any pathology fees are billed separately for surgeries where breast tissue is removed.

Cosmetic surgery requires a unique technique and treatment plan for each patient. The “one size fits all” theory does not apply to surgery, so do not be fooled by the less-than-qualified surgeons trying to lure you in with their rock bottom prices.

Price Anesthesia Implant Position of Implant Incision Location
Most Expensive General Anesthetic w/Anestheologist Adjustable Silcone Sub Muscular or Sub Fascial Circum-Areolar Hospital
Cohesive Silcone Gel(Antomical)
Cohesive Silcone Gel(Round)
Twilight Anesthesia Adjustable Saline Trans-Axillary Surgery Center
Least Expensive Local Anesthesia Saline Sub-Glandular Inframammary Under Breast Office

In view of the fact that there is much confusion about the type of implants available and their appropriate use, Dr. Becker has written an article in order to facilitate you to make an educated choice for your breast augmentation.

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