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The Becker, MD – Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Process

The Unique facial rejuvenation process has been developed by Dr. Becker which utilizes a variety of non-surgical procedures for maximum benefit.

Who is the Facial Makeover For?

Anyone that looks into the mirror and sees an image that is older than what they feel.

In the last 10 years, plastic surgery procedures have increased by 162% while the non-surgical procedures increased by 233%. The reason for this is that sometimes better results can be obtained for your facial enhancement and rejuvenation with techniques other than surgery, where there is little to no down time.

Surgical Procedures in general “lift” sagging skin and tissue, while injectables “fill” and add volume to the face in areas lacking volume. They fill lines and plump the depleted or deficient areas of the face.

Your individualized treatment plan will consist of a combination of the following procedures as needed:

Each Treatment has various functions and will be customized based on your goals and Dr. Becker’s evaluation. The process starts with Dr. Becker Assessing your needs by the use of computer imaging. State-of-the-art non-invasive techniques will be used to give you your desired results remarkable improvements are seen. Often the results are more natural looking then a face lift, with no scarring, minimal or no down time at significantly less cost.

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