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The main reason faces look older as we age is due to shrinking of the fat layer under the facial skin. This results in a loss of volume, saggy, shriveled and older appearance.

A standard surgical face lift will tighten the skin, but it does not address volume loss, and does nothing to return youthful fullness to the face.

Dr. Becker has developed a breakthrough technique that is extremely effective in restoring youthful, healthy looking volume to the face.

First, fat is harvested from the patient’s abdomen or thighs and micronized with a completely unique fat cell transfer device that Dr. Becker has developed and patented. The fat, which naturally contains live stem cells, is mixed with the patient’s own plasma. Then, this mixture is injected under the skin of the cheeks and chin with a fine needle, instantly restoring lost volume and youthful firmness.

Next, finer particles of fat and plasma are injected directly into the skin, correcting fine lines and deep wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.  

The first treatment is done under twilight anesthesia. Touch up procedures are performed with local anesthesia. Patients are seen frequently over a two-month period to ensure optimal results.

A natural looking enhanced appearance is restored - without incisions, sutures, or any of the unnatural “pulled” look associated with overdone facelifts.  

Dr. Becker is a pioneer in fat grafting and stem cell research. He has written many articles on fat cell transfer, microscopic fibroblast regeneration, skin rejuvenation, and has developed and patented several medical instruments used in restoring volume to the face, breasts and hands.

The use of fat grafting is well documented in the plastic surgery literature.

The regenerative cells in fat are used for repair and restoration in many areas of the body. The stem cells present in the fat also have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. 

By replacing the fat that has been lost, the sagging skin is lifted back to its original position.

The Technique:

  • Fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs using liposuction techniques.
  • The fat is processed into three components using a special cutting device developed by Dr. Becker.
  • The multi layered technique re builds the cheek and chin by placing the fat in the deep layer, above the bone.
  • The depressions and wrinkles such as the Naso-labial folds, marionette lines and tear troughs are corrected by
  • injecting in the mid layer.
  • The skin is rejuvenated by injecting into the superficial layer using intradermal injections. Very fine fat and /or plasma (extracted from the patient’s own blood) are injected into the skin to thicken the skin and improve texture.
  • Microneedeling or dermaplaning with PRP enhancement is performed and the patient is placed on Dr. Becker's 100% natural skin care regimen.
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